Name Give-Up Brokerage

Name Give-Up Brokerage is a straightforward, transparent way to trade Over-The-Counter (OTC) commodities. In this traditional model, STX establishes transactions between buyers and sellers based on their bids and offers. When an agreement is reached, both clients are introduced to each other. Subsequently, they clear and settle the transaction mutually.

Trade initialisation

  • Broker provides access to the OTC marketplace for trading.
  • Broker facilitates quotes/offers from clients by publishing them on the market anonymously

Trade execution

  • When the broker has established two or more matched counterparties, prices and trade terms are verified.

Trade confirmation

  • Once a trade has been confirmed as good, broker discloses the counterparties’ names to each other.
  • A bilateral trade is formed between the counterparties, and the broker steps out of the trade process.
  • Broker sends a broker confirmation to each counterparty.

On all our transactions the Terms of Brokerage apply.