Carbon Offsets

As one of the largest players in the carbon offsets market, STX is your ideal partner for obtaining the most suitable product for your corporate strategy. We can identify the best deals for every type of carbon offset product, ranging from voluntary carbon offsets (any internationally recognised standard) to specific high quality carbon credits such as Gold Standard as well as a number of other internationally recognised standards including forestry and REDD. Our transparent way of working means you stay in control of expenditure, while our carbon offsets experts are always on hand to help you determine the best carbon offset product for your needs. We can provide full specifications of the project (including key figures, pictures and project description).

In voluntary carbon markets, activities that reduce Green House Gasses produce Verified Emission Reductions (VERs), which can be sold to companies or individuals wishing to voluntarily reduce their impact on the environment. One VER is the equivalent of one ton CO2 reduced. Purchasing VERs can be an effective means of offsetting the part of a company’s carbon footprint where it is not in a position to reduce its emissions directly

In order to ensure that buyers are purchasing a real emission reduction, VERs must be calculated according to a VER Standard. VERs are generated by small scale projects, which are assessed and verified by third party organisations rather than through the UNFCCC. There are several VER Standards currently being used throughout the world and each sets out different rules governing the project types that are acceptable and way emission reductions are measured.